Some Free...Some Paid

Product Creation – Graphics, Video, Audio And PDF’s

  • Open Office: FREE – Open office is great for creating Ebooks, PowerPoints and any other kind of written tutorials. What I like about this software is that it’s free and you can open and save files in PDF format. Open Office is great for product creation. You Can download it at:

  • CANVA: FREE and Paid – Canva is a very useful tool. It can be used to create infographices, Ebook covers, Print covers, Tutorial sheets, Pinterest graphics for pins, and a whole lot more! You can even design and create a whole book or ebook with it. The real benefit to Canva is that when your work is complete, you can download it to your computer in PDF format. If you have not used Canva yet, give it a try. I will be doing tutorials on Canva in the future so keep a look out. Use Canva at:

  • Pixabay: Totally FREE – What can I say about Pixabay? I use them often… It’s awesome… I love it! You can do a search for just about any kind of image and they have it. The images are free for you to use in your advertising, ebooks, videos and just about any other kind of product you decide to create. Pixabay images are free for commercial use. A lot of people pay for images from stock photo sites. I never have or will. Check out Pixabay

  • IDPLR: FREE and Paid – IDPLR is a PLR (Private Label Rights) website. You can join for free but you are limited to only certain PLR products. I pay $37 for 3 months of unlimited use. You can find the niche that you’re interested in and search for those products. IDPLR has videos, templates, graphics, audios, ebooks, reports and much more all at your disposal. You just have to make sure that you read the Licensing permits to make sure you can use the files as your own. Always read the license. Some of their products come with websites, graphics and landing pages already set up and ready to go. Just to be transparent, the link I am giving you is my affiliate link so if you click on it and order, I will get a small commission which will not add any cost to you. Check it out: IDPLR

  • Online Ecover Creator: PAID – I pay $9.95 a month for this ecover creation software. It is a monthly membership that is accessed online. I have used this membership now for about 3 years and I have designed mass ecovers for my products with it. You can make just about anything from product boxes, ebook covers (2d and 3d), membership cards, video boxes and a whole lot more. This is a very easy platform to use even if you’ve never created product covers before. Check it out at : ( Affiliate Link)  Online Ecover Creator

  • Audacity: FREE – This software download is free and easy to use. I have used Audacity for years to edit audio files. If you plan on doing any kind of audio products, this is a handy tool. Download it at: Audacity

  • ScreenCast-O-Matic And Jing: FREE – This is for creating videos by scren capture like camtasia but very simple to use. ScreenCast-O-Matic is more for making videos and Jing sits on your desktop for use when you would like to capture an image of just about anything on any website. You can use Jing for Video but it is in SWF format so I choose ScrennCast-O-Matic for video creations. Download them at: Jing and download ScreenCast-O-Matic At: Download

  • Gimp: FREE – Gimp is a free graphics software. Can’t afford Photoshop? Get Gimp. You can open PSD files and more. It is the Photoshop alternative. Gimp has many tutorials also that will aid in getting you started. Download at : Gimp