My Costa Rica Adventure!

How You Can Have Your Adventure Too!

costa rica

Ever just sit and dream about where you would like to go or what you would like to do?

Did ya do it?

I think everyone has dreams and desires that they just can’t seem to make a reality. Why is that?

We all got one life…. Tha’s it! If you don’t DO what you’re dreaming now then likely you won’t do it at all.

Just take the step.

My wife and I have been all over the globe. Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe. All over the place. We have even done humanitarian aid work in Romania for a few years working with the Gypsy population. (That was a challenge)  🙂

My wife is from a small little town in Western Washington where very few people ever make it out of the state. I mean, I have talked to some folks there that have really not seen anything in their life and they’re almost 50. Really???

You’ve got to choose! Choose to make a decision to act on what your desires are.

How many people have you conversed with that said ” Oh man I would love to go on a cruise or see Europe” I have said it, you have said it! Or How about “WOW, if only I had the money to go to Ireland I would go in a heartbeat” OR “Ya Hawaii? Never been there but I would sure like to hit the beach at Waikiki”

Just do it!

When I was In the U.S.Army, I was stationed in Panama for awhile. It was awesome there! Beautiful, warm waters…Nice people and jungles that just came alive! Over the years I told myself that I would go back to Central America and take my wife so she could have the experience also.

28 years later I went back and took her with me…. 28 years later!

We decided to go to Costa Rica as we had read so much about other peoples experiences there and thought it would be the perfect place to go. It was! We had an absolute BLAST!

Talk about a Blast. Zip lining 200ft. above the jungle canopy in Jaco, Costa Rica is a RUSH!

So we went to Costa Rica, you can go wherever you choose.

Whenever I start thinking about world travel It excites me. Next trip… Dominican Republic in June………… I can’t wait!

If you want to see some more of the Costa Rica trip we went on, I will be making a post just on that with lot’s of Pic’s and Videos. Stay tuned!

Okay… Back to your adventure.

Wanna see the Grand Canyon? Go!  Just do it. Save some money, get in your car and just go! Take someone with you, it’s much more fun to share travels with others.

Some of you might be saying ” Hey Don! I don’t have any money to save” I say “Hey You! Get another job, just till you got the money to go. Sell some things, stop smoking or drinking for awhile and save that money. Quit hitting the clubs every Friday….Save that money.

There is always a way to make your dreams happen. It just comes down to how bad you want it….Really.

Here are a few tips to get you going.

Get The Money  (you’ll find a way)




Get Your Passport If You Need It

Shop Around For The Best Deal (I use Cheaptickets).

Purchase Your Tickets Way In Advance


Hey! My wife and I wanted to see Costa Rica, you can go wherever you want. Just make a plan and follow it and you’ll get to your dream destination! 🙂 Just get started doing something. Blog, make Youtube videos and create a channel that will bring you in the money you need to live the travel life.


You can do it!

See ya next post,