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Hi friends! Welcome to my blog!

I am happy you stopped by.

My name is

Don La Due

and I am an internet marketer /network marketer and Ex-industrial painter. My family and I spent almost 5 years in the country of Romania doing mission and humanitarian aid type of work. We live in the beautiful State of Washington. For the last 25 years we have wanted to live over on the Eastern side of the State and finally got here. We live there with 2 of our 3 boys and our dog Lexi. We live totally off the grid and we LOVE it!

How I Got  Started -

When I got out of the Army almost 25 years ago, I didn’t know what to do for a job as I had been told what to do, where to go, what to eat and what to think by Uncle Sam for four years. I went into the Army to get away from having to go into the logging industry as that was the main job opportunity for our area. Logging towns and lumber mills everywhere. I did NOT want to be a logger or work in the mill. Don La Due wanted a Business!

So, what did I do when I got out of the military? I started logging…. I had no choice, there really were no other jobs that payed good at that time. I sucked! I hated It! Now I am not putting the logging business down. I have lots of friends who still do it. It’s just not for me.

My Introduction To Network Marketing -

After figuring out that I for sure did not want to be a logger my whole life, I ran into someone who got me interested in the network marketing business. I was going to be an insurance salesman. Yee-ha! I was going to make all kinds of money!!! Did that happen? No..No it did not!

Although I saw the awesome potential to make money in this MLM company by bothering my friends family, I soon realized that it was not much fun bugging them and ticking some of them off by trying to sell them on this GREAT opportunity. I saw my sponsor and up line were making a lot of money and I thought I could do it too. All I did was make friends and family irritated whenever I came around because they thought I was going to hit them up again.

Hey, I did EVERYTHING they told me to do, I did the meetings, I listened to tapes…Boring tapes! I went over all the materials and learned it..I learned the presentation, I made my list up of everyone I knew, I did EVERYTHING they told me to do! (Yep, I said it again.) Nothing! I did not sponsor anyone, I did not make any money…ZERO..NOTHING! All I did was…Sorry, PISS everyone off and make them want Don La Due to go away. Sound like fun? Been there before? Good experience for you? No? Me either!

What Next?

Even after seeing how much money the MLM and the network marketing business could make me, I quit. I decide it was not for me. I realized that I would rather have a good time with my family and keep what friends I had left. I just walked away. I walked away for 20 years before I finally read a couple of ebooks that got me thinking again about starting my own business in Network Marketing. Why the change of heart? Because, after reading these books I was excited again. The authors had a new way of doing things..A new way of getting leads and a new way of succeeding WITHOUT selling and without bothering your loved ones and friends.

Last year I started all over again. This time not just thinking about Don La Due! Not thinking about just the money! I found Attraction Marketing! I discovered something that was life changing. Life changing for my personal success and for the success of others. That’s what it’s all about. The success of others. Help them to succeed in their business and yours will prosper!

The Beginning

Up to the point of reading those ebooks, I had lost hope of actually succeeding in business. Any business! Not just MLM or Network Marketing… Anything. You see, by helping other people who are  struggling and teaching them what to do and how to do it, you are building relationships. Relationships that will last for years!

Getting To the Point -

This blog, what I do here is all about team work. It is all about helping others by giving them good information they can REALLY use and start earning and succeeding like they really want too! I want to see you prosper and get the success that you have been seeking. Then what? Well, you help others do the same thing. If you put good info out there and teach others what you learn you will have success. You won’t have to sell! People will  join you and your brand just as others will join theirs and on down the line.

In this blog, I will show you how to get leads, how to do prospecting the right way and how to get your online business rolling! I will give you strategies that will build your business and your brand and I will show you how to do it all without bugging people and trying to sell.

What Does Don La Due Like To Do?

When I am not working on the internet or creating some new product or answering peoples emails I am hunting on my property, fishing or just plain warming up around the fire with a nice hot cup of coffee.

I love to write and I love to read and I Love helping people. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you on the inside!

To Your Success!

Don La Due


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